Davis Street Baptist Church

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3 Tips to Leveraging the Super Bowl for Small Groups!

So the BIG GAME is this Sunday, and folks are stocking up on drinks, snacks, chips, dips, and chicken wings!  $50 million will be spent on Super Bowl snacks and the average party will have 17 people, according to Fox News.

Let’s get this straight…this Sunday, people will naturally gather together in homes around food, talking about something they are all interested in.  Hmmm…sounds like a small group meeting to me.

You can scoff at those who change their Sunday night programs to accommodate the Super Bowl, and preach a sermon on how sinful it is.

OR you can leverage it.  You can use the environment that people are already in to advance the gospel through community.  Here are 3 easy tips to leverage the Super Bowl for your small group.

1.  Stick to the Study.

Your small group is probably going through some study or series.  As tempting as it may be to take a week off for the sake of the game, why not try sticking with it?  Do the study before the game or during dgfev online casino halftime.

2.  Invite Someone New!

People are more likely to join in on your small group on special occasions.  They won’t feel like the odd ball out, and they’ll get the chance to see what you small group is all about.

3.  A Game within the Game.

The game on TV doesn’t have to be the only game going on.  Play a game within the game.  This keeps people engaged with one another beyond being engaged with the TV.  Isn’t that what small groups is all about?  Having an atmosphere where people can really connect with one another. There are tons of game ideas online.  Do some research ahead of time to be prepared.

So how will you leverage this Big Game Weekend?  Share your thoughts with us!

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