Davis Street Baptist Church

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The best thing you can do for a guest

Have you ever been in a new place, where you were unfamiliar with what to do or where to go?  A place like a large hospital, a new school, or a theme park?

You would have a ton of questions running through your head.  “Where do I go?  Who can I ask for help?”  You would find it to be rather awkward and uncomfortable.  Many times, that’s the feeling people have when they visit a church for the first time.  They nervously enter, unsure of what to do or where to go, and they are probably a little timid to ask for help.  It can be rather awkward.

What can you do as a church member to make sure our guests fell right at home?  Is there any way to break the awkwardness?

The best thing you can do for a guest is speak to them.

A simple smile and warm greeting go a long way to a guest.  It shows that you acknowledge them, you care about them, and you want them to feel at home.

Yes.  It will still be a little awkward.  But we’d much rather break through the awkwardness than leave it to grow.  If you aren’t sure what to say, try these phrases:

“Hey I’m _____.  Is this your first time with us?”

“It’s so good to see you today.  Have we met before?”

“Hi, I’m _____.  What’s your name?”

People always comment how friendly our church is.  Let’s keep the ball rolling, and keep the legacy moving.

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